Machine-learning: The New Secret Weapon of Remote Management and Monitoring Systems

Machine-learning can help make your IT network management a whole lot smarter. Find out how RMM solutions can make that happen for your business.

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One earlier blog had referred to Remote Management and Monitoring (RMM) as the one unique element that turns Managed Service Providers into superheroes. The ability to evaluate the workplace servers, computers, and other devices from one location, and effect any necessary remediation if a breakdown occurs, has finally put to rest the usual practice of having the IT manager and/or his team members visit the office sector where the breakdown has happened, IT can assess issues and execute tasks right where they are. The computer agents that RMM has deployed into every device are also their eyes and ears, monitoring the progress of the work processes and the overall robustness of the IT system.


Now RMM, and specifically SolarWinds MSP, has another secret weapon, and this time it can heighten IT security. Push the envelope further and this tool might also give MSP’s detailed analyses of the consumer behavior of the organization.


This secret weapon is called Machine-learning, and it is inextricably tied to the emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT). Channel e2e forecasts that RMM will become more synergistic and complementary with IoT devices and their ecosystems in 2017. All of us have read about or heard of Machine-learning by now, but McKinsey gives a more thorough explanation: This is part of a software, a solution, or a computer device, that with no prior programming, can sift through the incalculable tons of data entering your database and IT system every single day.


Machine-learning can identify patterns, correlate non-related incidents, and spot inconsistencies. It is closely tied up with data analytics and can study consumer profiles. However, what elevates Machine-learning from the usual tech tool is that it can learn from its own experiences, identify what worked (and did not work) with certain computer processes, and then adapt to create a new solution.


Machine-learning, as the term suggests, is the computer’s ability to teach itself, based on past experiences, and come up with its own programming and set of protocols to handle new challenges. It learns on its own without the programmed guidance of a human master.


Executives value Machine-Learning not just because of their present-day analysis but their projections about future outcomes, which can likewise guide their strategic decisions.




SolarWinds MSP, a leading RMM provider, will use Machine-learning to help their clients stay ahead of IT security problems and bolster their own cyber defenses. This has been made possible with the launch of LOGICcards, which results from SolarWinds’ partnership with LOGICNow. MSP’s will be informed by their RMM tools and reporting system about IT problems and issues before they even mature and explode beyond control — which then enables them to make recommendations on how to solve these challenges before they worsen.


What makes this possible is the nature of the analytics in the LOGICcards Machine-learning technology. It has a prescriptive function, which means forecasting potential damaging scenarios and then proposing solutions to arrest the scenarios. It goes beyond a lot of the usual data analytics’ function, which largely describes the predicament or makes an estimate of what can happen soon.


Source Security concurs that Machine-learning must become an integral part of IT security. Given the increasing sophistication of cyber-attacks which cannot be handled by human resources, an automated self-learning system that will adapt to the working environment may prove to be the best device to protect organizations from threats not even invented yet.


A software’s capability to protect an organization from a cyber threat and learn from its continuing campaign sounds like a storyline from a science-fiction movie. But it exists and soon under the auspices of SolarWinds, it can be made available to the IT middle market.




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